La Quinta Townhouse Renovation

Case Study - La Quinta


This project was a little bit different. Our long-term client had already enlisted ProMas Building to renovate a villa previously and being very happy with the result, she returned a few years later with a unique request. 

The brief for her new townhouse was twofold:

  • it had to become a luxurious home from home for herself whilst also
  • providing luxury accommodation for guests who were seeking a retreat or a special sanctuary in which to recuperate


Red Bedroom Design for Luxury Accommodation in La Quinta
Reconfiguring Townhouse in La Quinta

Creating Privacy

This meant some re-configuring of the existing 5 bedroom townhouse into a more luxuriously proportioned 4 bedroom property.  Through frequent meetings between the client and our team at ProMas, plans were drawn up to knock down walls between the existing kitchen, living room and laundry room on the ground floor creating one large, light filled kitchen and living room.  On the second floor, the existing three bedrooms were re-configured slightly to pinch a few square meters off a very large bedroom thus enabling a more spacious guest bathroom. These would become the guest rooms. On the third floor, the two existing bedrooms and one bathroom were redesigned into one wrap around master suite with a sizeable dressing room and a large relaxing TV area.  This would mean that the client would have complete privacy and space away from any guests.  An essential part for anyone opening their home up to visitors.

Luxurious extras

This rebuild also had a few extra specifications such as having `intelligent´ glass fitted in all the windows.  This more expensive option reduces heat coming in from the sun but also keeps the warmth in during the winter months, a feature highly advisable for a property with a lot of glass on south facing elevations.  The client also wanted underfloor heating.  Enough of hunting for your slippers in the winter months when no amount of hot air warms a marble floor.  She also chose heated mirrors for her bathrooms, knowing that little luxuries like not having to wait for your mirror to demist, makes daily ablutions that bit easier.  Also, subtly hidden behind a wardrobe door, the client had a bijou kitchenette built in to enable her to have fresh coffee without having to go down to the kitchen.

New Window Installation La Quinta
External Terrace Design for Townhouse

Fulfilling the Brief

At ProMas we try our best to understand what your needs are and where you are coming from, whether it be creating a dual purpose home, building a state of the art swimming pool or freshening up a tired old apartment.  Our satisfaction comes from fulfilling your brief and a bit more on top!



Testimonial: I have extensively refurbished two properties with Promas and both times have been delighted with the end result. They are professional in their approach and really care that the customer is happy. I would highly recommend this company.



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