We are now in December and winter is well and truly on it´s way! And although we don´t get freezing temperatures on the Costa del Sol, it still gets cold and damp.

Most of the properties here are not as well insulated or equipped with heating like in the North so most people tend to stay warm with their wall mounted or ducted air conditioning systems or open fires.

The ProMas team has recently fitted a number of underfloor heating systems because with radiant heat, comfort and warmth tends to be felt sooner and at a lower temperature. There is minimal air flow which keeps the temperature comfortable and even, everywhere in the room.

Underfloor heating works by producing radiant heat which is evenly distributed from the floor and warms the room from the ground up. There are 2 types of systems available: Electric and warm water based systems. The electric system uses electricity to heat a very thin wire and the water system works by connecting pipes laid under the floor to a central system and on to a heating system fitted to a thermostat so that you can regulate the temperature.

The suitability of each system depends on your project and preference. The electric system may be more suited to smaller areas such as bathrooms and renovations as it does not raise floor levels. Wet systems however are ideal for large areas, new builds or total reforms as in the photos shown here because they are fitted into the structure of the sub-floor.

The running costs are linked to energy prices, room surface area and height, and running time. It is also advisable to install the system with sufficient insulation which reduces the heat-up time by pushing the heat to the floor level and preventing heat loss to the sub-flooring.

So stay warm and cosy in your home today and let ProMas Building Contractors advise you on what heating system would suit your requirements best and install it in the most professional way

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