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Villa Guadalmina night chillout area lighting

redesigning outdoor areas,  we encourage our clients to consider how they want this new landscape to be lit when the evening comes. Here at Promas we want you to enjoy relaxing outside on your terrace for as much of the year as possible. To this end we will help you choose a range of lighting fixtures to showcase this new landscape, no matter how large or small. If you are looking for help with indoor lighting click here.


To help you make the best lighting plan it is useful to consider how you will use the different outside areas and what type of lighting will be required; ambient, task or accent lighting or a combination. Ambient light – is about creating a background light, making a space more inviting. Task lighting – enables you to perform tasks with ease, e.g. walk along a path safely, find the gate or door, prepare food. Accent lighting – draws attention to particular features in the landscape such as a handsome palm, a carefully crafted facade or a beautiful swimming pool.  

Less is more though, if you light everything nothing is special.
Here are a few tips from Promas:
  1. Take a look from inside your home. Consider how patio spaces, gardens and pathways look from inside – lighting pathways, pools and plants that can be seen from inside can give a room an expanding view at night.
  2. Consider Security. All entry/exit points need to be well lit.  Illuminate any side of house in shadow with spotlights installed high up or use wall lanterns.
  3. Consider how you want the lights to come on:
  • With a simple on/off manual switch
  • Linked to your phone or iPad so that you can control zones remotely.  For example they can come on whilst you are away
  • A photosensitive switch so that they come on automatically when the light falls in the evening
  • Motion sensors are useful for less well-used areas so that lights come on when movement triggers an infra-red beam
  • Timers are useful when you want lights to come on at the same time each day

Like all design decisions, the options are endless and our highly skilled team here at ProMas will guide you through the process so you can achieve that beautifully lit exterior.

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